1. Body Language - Lose My Head (The Revenge Remixes)
    Available Worldwide: 2/26/13

    The Revenge has created a devilish duo of “Lose My Head” dub remixes to contrast against the funky original from Brooklyn synth-pop quartet Body Language. Relentless builds, tight drum kicks, and a hypnotic 303 bass-line create a perfect Detroit house beast named Dub 1. His equally naughty brother Dub 2, will transfix you with throbbing chords and tight percussions, building up to an epic swell of dance-floor mania; beware of the insanity-causing drop!





  2. A review on DOTB’s Colours & Shades for all you Spanish speakers out there.


  3. "Shade I Bring to You" is a masterfully minimal jam with a smooth, sinister bassline. Pressurized trills billow out, filling the track with a dark, shimmering ambience. 


  4. Dig way deeper underground and youʼll come across Edit Murphy (Om Records)ʼs dubbed out version of “Shade I Bring To You.” The long, luxurious bass creates a slow build while the percussive hooks urge you to the dance floor.

  5. Flyer from Death on the Balcony’s recent appearance at the Smoke N’ Mirrors residency at Monarch, SF



  7. Nick Monaco (Soul Clap | dirtybird)ʼs delightful remix of “The Colour That You Bring to Me” adds a colorful acid-y vibe, straight out of 1993, complete with rollinʼ Rolands and smoothcrooning vocals. 


  8. "Music + us + good crowd/energy = great set and party magic! It’s a three-way thing and all parts are as equally important to the equation."
    — Death on the Balcony (Interview with mybeatFix.com)

  9. SNM031 - Death on the Balcony - Colours & Shades Preview

  10. Smoke N’ Mirrors x Pulse Radio at BPM January 10, 2013